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Residential Appraisers in Austin Texas

Since 1983, Wheeler Appraisal has been a trusted provider of reliable residential appraisal services for lenders, AMC’s, attorneys, realtors, home owners, estate planners, and other clients in Austin Texas and surrounding counties. Our team is comprised of well-trained and professional residential real estate appraisers with years of experience appraising residential properties. Contact us to learn how we can assist with your residential appraisal service needs. Order an Austin home appraisal anytime on our website.


Need a residential appraisal service for your home or rental property in Austin, Texas? At Wheeler Appraisal, our clients can conveniently order a residential appraisal on our website. When we receive your order, one of our residential real estate appraisers will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimated fee quote and turnaround time for your residential appraisal service. To request a residential appraisal service, click ‘Request an Appraisal' below.


At Wheeler Appraisal, our team of residential real estate appraisers offers a comprehensive range of residential appraisal services including: 


Combined, our team of residential real estate appraisers has over 80 years of experience appraising residential properties throughout Austin, Texas, and surrounding communities. To check out our appraiser team, click 'View Appraisers' below.


Currently, our team of residential real estate appraisers provides residential appraisal services for residential properties located in Austin, Texas, including homes located in Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Bastrop County, and Burnet County. For more information about where we offer residential appraisal services, click 'View Service Areas' below.


How does an appraisal work? What are the reasons for ordering a home appraisal? What is an estate appraisal and why are they needed? What is a probate appraisal and why are they needed? At Wheeler Appraisal, we aim to be transparent, communicate effectively, and make our client's experience working with us as stress-free as possible. Click 'View FAQ' below to see our answers to some of the questions we most commonly receive about residential appraisals and the process.

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