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Why are home appraisals needed?


Typical reasons to need a property appraisal include: 

  • Set asking prices

  • Establish offering prices

  • Settle estates

  • Mortgage

  • Refinance

  • Divorce

  • Employee relocation

  • Valuation of business interest

  • Valuation of casualty loss

  • Foreclosure

  • Separation of business interests - partnerships or corporations

  • Property tax appeal

  • Valuation for gift or inheritance taxes

  • Valuation of trusts

At Wheeler Appraisal, we have over 40 years of experience handling the unique challenges that come along with appraising residential properties in Austin, Texas and surrounding Central Texas communities. Let us know how we can assist with your home appraisal needs by submitting an appraisal request form online today.

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