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Helpful information about residential appraisal reports

What residential appraisal report forms do you use for your home appraisal services?

At the end of the home appraisal process, at least one major standardized form (such as the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report form 1004), as well as all supporting documentation and additional detailed information is delivered to the appraisal report client. The purpose of the appraisal report is to convey the estimated value of the subject property and support that estimate with corroborating information.

What residential appraisal report forms do you use for your home appraisal services?

At Wheeler Appraisal, our Austin real estate appraisers provide residential appraisal services for lender and non-lender purposes on a wide range of uniform residential appraisal report forms. 

The main uniform residential appraisal report forms offered by our Austin home appraisers include 1004 URAR Single Family Appraisal, 1025 (3/05) 2-4 Family Appraisal, 1073 Condo FHA Appraisal, Relocation Appraisal, SFR-Exterior-2055 Appraisal, 1004 DESKTOP Appraisal, and 1004 HYBRID Appraisal. Please contact us for more information about our residential appraisal services or request appraisal services to work with one of our Austin home appraisers.

How do you know what appraisal report form you need?

When you submit your appraisal service request, your assigned real estate appraiser will help you select the appraisal report form best suited for your home appraisal needs. Contact us to discuss your residential appraisal report needs with a member of our Austin real estate appraiser team.

How do I receive my residential appraisal report after the appraisal is finished?

At Wheeler Appraisal, we offer a range of delivery options for our residential appraisal reports. Once your appraiser has finished developing an opinion of value for the property and completes the appraisal, an official appraisal report can be delivered to the client XML or PDF via secure email.

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