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Probate appraisals for residential properties are a crucial part of the process of determining the value of a deceased person's estate, for legal and financial purposes. Accurate valuation of the residential property or properties in an estate is essential for settling the estate, fairly distributing assets among beneficiaries, and fulfilling tax obligations. Probate appraisal services completed by a certified residential real estate appraiser will offer a reliable and objective assessment of the property's value and are necessary for properties going through the probate process after a person dies.


At Wheeler Appraisal, our residential real estate appraisers have years of experience providing probate appraisal services in Austin Texas and surrounding counties. When you order independent residential appraisal services from Wheeler Appraisal, a member of our certified residential appraiser team will conduct an inspection of your home, develop a non-biased opinion of your property’s value, and provide you with certified residential appraisal report. We offer non-biased and reliable valuations of residential properties that are supported by current market data. Contact us today or request probate appraisals online anytime and let our appraisers know how we can assist with your probate appraisal service needs in Austin, Texas.

Appraisal services for probate purposes in Austin

To learn more about probate appraisals and why they are needed, please visit our 'Reasons for Ordering Probate Appraisals' page. For general information about the probate process in Texas, click here.

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